G7 is a mobility services company that meets the needs of individuals, companies and tourists for on demand passenger transportation. G7 is the market leader in France and is positioned in all segments thanks to a large and diverse fleet of vehicles.

81 mil € in revenue
187 mil € total business volume
298 employees
7 873 affiliated taxis at Dec 31, 2016 – Paris
4000 affiliate taxis at Dec 31, 2016 – French regions
11 ,1 million reservations handled
2016 data


Customers are not just looking for a taxi, but a mobility service adapted to their needs. G7 intends to meet these needs by carefully segmenting its offer. Thus, G7 is constantly innovating to offer an ever-greater quality of service at the best price.

Chairman and CEO of G7

Deputy CEO of G7



In 2015, G7 continued to launch innovative services in terms of both technology and service, either directly or through its subsidiaries ECAB and VOYAGES & BUSINESS. G7 thoroughly redesigned its offering with fine-tuned segmentation to improve the customer experience (creation of the Service Plus fleet and the MaxiCab VIP service in particular), focusing on developing quality of service. 

Thanks to a driver incentive policy, the company is now able to offer mobility services for people with disabilities, with its Horizon service (100 vehicles), for families with FamilyCab (1,000 vehicles with child seats), for people traveling in groups with Maxicab (1,000 vehicles), for people with a medical prescription for transportation with a fleet of taxis certified by French Social Security, and finally to people looking to reduce the environmental impact of their trips with GreenCab (2,000 vehicles). Each of these offers comes with matching services and specific equipments to meet the needs and expectations of customers. 

Furthermore, G7 is designing new computerized devices for booking and monitoring in order to improve the experience of its customers. These tools also optimize fleet management in order to increase availability around the clock.


Victor Lorenco Interview


"The Rousselet group is very present and involved with their drivers, which is reassuring for us."



En 2016, TAXIS G7 became G7, a well-known brand, more modern and understanble. G7 is consolidating its leading position in its historical business: Parisian taxis. To do so, the company is continuing to improve quality of service and enhance the attractiveness of its offer – services, image, rates – to the public and companies, but also to its affiliated drivers. 

At the same time, G7 is accelerat ing its geographical expansion in France and bringing its experience abroad. This involves growing its network and its eCab mobile app, which is already present in many French cities and several major cities around the world. 

G7 is building partnerships and exploring new business models to generate additional revenues. It continues to invest to maintain its technological leadership. Finally, G7 is developing a new embedded system on a touch pad and multiplying investments in new digital technologies (an application for Apple Watch as soon as it is released, for example).