The Rousselet Group

French flagship in the service sector (mobility, storage, media services), our Group demonstrates that a French company can succeed when facing off with the international giants that exist in each of our trades. The key to success: a business model that promotes an entrepreneurial spirit, combining efficient management and continual innovation. We are partner to thousands of entrepreneurs: ADA franchises, drivers affiliated with the G7 reservation service, G7 TAXI SERVICE leaseholder drivers, HOMEBOX lessee managers or franchise lessees. The heart of our strategy involves giving advice to individuals as well as the means for them to become true entrepreneurs. In an economic environment where businesses constantly need to react and adapt, this network operation proves its value when facing new challenges and handling them swiftly and confidently.

Our growth also relies on our ability to reconcile renowned expertise with the relevant use of new technology. In order to respond to our customers' expectations in a manner that is precise and consistent, we need to constantly reinvent the fields we deal in. With this objective in mind, we foster boldness and creativity and are proud to promote the growth of initiatives we believe will positively impact our way of life and promote progression towards a "better life" for everyone. 

Our entrepreneurial vision is reflected in this purposeful, ambitious and responsible mindset that pushes us to advance further together each and every day.

We give strength to entrepreneurship

News about Groupe Rousselet

Being in service to people makes us obligated to anticipate all of the world's developments. Whether these are technological innovations or environmental concerns, the Rousselet group responds actively when faced with these challenges.

3 Businesses

The French flagship in the services sector, Groupe Rousselet brings together 10 companies structured around three businesses: mobility, storage and support services.


Need a taxi for a short trip, in France or abroad? G7 and its affiliates are there to drive you and take you where you want to go. Need a utility vehicle for moving, a convertible for the weekend or a station wagon for your vacation? ADA offers a wide selection at great prices. 


Whether for individual or business purposes, if you need to store your furniture or files, for a month or a year, our affiliates, Homebox and Novarchive, have secure solutions that are tailored to your needs. 


In support of the Rousselet Group's in-house businesses, our affiliates Sénénis (call centers), Pragmatix (SSII) and Sevenity (Properties) also provide their expertise and experience for large external accounts. 

Victor Lourenco


"The Rousselet group is very present and involved with their drivers, which is reassuring for us..."

"The added value of Homebox in France is the fact that it's quite well developed geographically and also, it has franchised managers who are directly involved..."

Christophe Plonevez


"The Rousselet group makes time for entrepreneurs so that they can succeed..."

Mickael Lecat


"In the highly competitive rental market, having a travel operator on your side like the Rousselet Group is bound to have a positive effect..."