Les Taxis Bleus is a multichannel request platform for taxis whose purpose is to simplify its clients' trips and the everyday activities of its drivers. 
Taxis Bleus is a major player in the general public segment thanks to its efficient policy of innovation, accessible offers and ability to actively listen to its clients. It offers a comprehensive selection of high-value solutions and services: multichannel request solution, Guaranteed Maximum Price, Service throughout all of France, Green Taxis with low CO2 emissions, etc. 

10 mil € in revenue
95 collaborators
5000 partner taxis in France
90 % of big cities covered (>100 000 inhabitants)
1 mil orders
93 % customer satisfaction
2016 data


Taxis Bleus has been a taxi ordering platform since 1960. We are constantly developing new services in order to better respond to our customers' needs: a multichannel ordering solution (call center, voice recognition ordering, digital and mobile interfaces, dash button...) as well as new offers (Guaranteed Maximum Price, door-to-door service, Green Taxis with low CO2 emissions).

CEO of Taxis Bleus



2015 was rich with innovation when it came to improving customer experience. There was the launch of “Guaranteed Maximum Price” tariffs and the €10 weekend evening offer which became essential “good deals” for Parisians; the unification of client profiles from all contact channels in order to offer a seamless omnichannel experience; the implementation of a natural language address recognition system for ordering a taxi using voice recognition. 

In addition, Taxis Bleus developed a taxi ordering app for AppleWatch, a mobile ordering website and a Dash Button, the simplest taxi ordering interface in the world. 

During the course of 2015, Taxis Bleus also began a significant and ambitious nationwide initiative to establish a network of more than 5000 partner taxis in France, covering more than 2000 cities, and during COP21, started to create the first international coalition of taxi companies committed to modernizing the sector: Taxis4SmartCities. 



In the fall of 2016, Taxi Bleus will launch a new website that will simplify the customer experience by increasing the contact points with its customers through strategic partnerships tied with aggregators and multimodal platforms. 

Backed by its nationwide network, Taxis Bleus will also be developing "door to door" service for effective management of that last kilometer.

Lastly, Taxis Bleus will oversee the implementation of an on-board technological solution for the new generation, developed by their technology partner Pragmatik in order to finalize changing its route distribution technology from hardware to a lighter "software as a service" solution.