An entrepreneurial spirit driving performance in each entity 

The group

The group

Chaired and led by Nicolas Rousselet since 1996, Groupe Rousselet experienced strong growth in its traditional core business along with successful diversification of its activities. Today, it counts over a thousand people in its workforce. These employees are based in France and particularly in Clichy, where the registered office brings together several hundred individuals. 

A leader on its markets in France, the Group is expanding abroad, where it combines its expertise in the service industry with the entrepreneurial spirit that has been a key to its success.

The French flagship in the services sector, Groupe Rousselet

brings together 10 companies structured around

three businesses: mobility, storage and support services.

The development of this decentralized, multi-brand group relies

on an entrepreneurial spirit and shared management.

Groupe Rousselet is the leader on its markets

in France and is expanding internationally.


The Groupe Rousselet is: 400,000 m² of storage and shipping spread out over more than 60 sites in France, 13,500 partner taxis in France in more than 150 cities, more than 1,100 vehicle rental agencies, national and international agreements.


The Groupe Rousselet relies on smart technologies, the continuous diversification of the range of services offered and the growth of its territorial coverage.


In 2019, the Groupe Rousselet’s business volume was €828 mil with €324 mil in sales revenue and around 1,000 employees in France.

114 years of bold innovation

Eight major events that exemplify the bold and innovative nature of the Rousselet Group


  • April 13, 1905: Establishment of the first French cab company exclusively using motor vehicles: the Compagnie Française des Automobiles de Place. "G7" registration assignment by the Préfecture de Police de Paris (Paris Police Prefecture). The first trip taken was on December 9, 1905. 


  • 1914: G7 took its place in history: 700 cars mobilized during the epic Taxis de la Marne (Marne Taxis).


  • 1964: Beginning of the assigning trips using the G7 radio hub.


  • 1992: Launch of low-cost car rentals in France with the takeover of ADA, moving towards close proximity rentals at low prices.


  • 1996: Creation of self-storage: HOMEBOX. Geolocalization of taxis using GPS


  • 2008: First taxi reservation app on iPhone


  • 2015: Homebox goes international (Germany, Spain, Switzerland). Launch of "PointLoc by ADA", a rental network customized for automobile professionals (garages, service stations...).


  • 2016: The Rousselet Group becomes the Rousselet Group and develops its brand platform by emphasizing the entrepreneurial spirit of the group.