Mobilizing talent and skills to act responsibly

Mindful of its position and the responsibilities that come with it, Groupe Rousselet is highly active in its approach to both social and environmental responsibility and its quest for performance and quality. In each Group company, acting responsibility is not wishful thinking but the foundation for a series of actions carried out every day to produce tangible and measurable results.

A sense of belonging and respect for the individual and the customer

A sense of belonging and respect for the individual and the customer

Groupe Rousselet intends to continue producing wealth to benefit the national economy. As such, it avoids all offshoring, including for its call centers.

Its family ownership structure offers financial stability and long-term investment capacity that is invulnerable to the financial markets. The Group forges lasting relationships with its partners – employees, customers, renters, franchisees, affiliates, etc. – built on mutual trust.

In terms of philanthropy, Groupe Rousselet also favors a long-term commitment. Every year, its supports the L’Appel association, which promotes development and helps children all over the world, the Institut du Cerveau et de la Moelle Epinière Foundation, as well as Amnesty International, which fights relentlessly against human rights violations. 

Respect and personal development are two of the company’s core values.

Since its inception, Groupe Rousselet subsidiaries have encouraged people of all social backgrounds to become taxi drivers and build a career: training, rental of fully equipped taxicabs, booking services to grow the customer base and promote loyalty, insurance, banking services for obtaining a taxi license or purchasing a vehicle, etc. The Group’s expertise allows it to support and guide the driver throughout his or her career.


Similarly, HOMEBOX has a proactive policy of promoting gender equality. Of the nine new renter-managers, seven came from internal promotions and six were women. 


At the same time, Groupe Rousselet is particularly vigilant when it comes to the quality of the services it offers customers. The taxi business is naturally governed by regulations designed to protect passengers: driver training and selection, price controls, insurance, vehicle maintenance, limited working hours, etc. G7 has chosen to go even further, enriching its offer and being even more demanding when it comes to its affiliate drivers. This policy has allowed it to widen the gap in customer satisfaction and to position itself at the forefront of other booking centers and independent taxis.


Group Chairman and CEO Nicolas Rousselet’s commitment to the UNIT federation is a powerful demonstration in favor of the men and women of the profession who seek to defend their model, ensure its economic stability and promote a modern and responsible vision of the taxi.

Diagnose, design and act for our environment

Given the nature of its activities, Groupe Rousselet is very sensitive to environmental questions and takes advantage of all levers to reduce CO2 and fine-particle emissions: choice of vehicles, changes in its offering and partner training. With a constantly growing GreenCab fleet that already features more than 3,000 hybrid vehicles, G7 has the largest “green” fleet in the world. G7 TAXI SERVICES has set the ambitious goal of having 38% hybrid vehicles in its stock by the end of 2019, and has decided to enrich its line of fully electric vehicles. These new sedans are extremely quiet, offering the customer heightened comfort in a vehicle with a positive image, reduced emissions, all while allowing the driver to save significant amounts on fuel and maintenance costs.

Drivers can also reduce greenhouse gas emissions with conscientious driving techniques. Thanks to its training center, G7 TAXI SERVICES is a forerunner in training drivers in the techniques of eco-driving. In the storage business, NOVARCHIVE signed the UN Global Compact and wished to include a recycling and paper and cardboard waste recovery service in its of fering. Its report reveals encouraging progress in all actions undertaken: 15,000 trees preserved, millions of liters of water and oil saved and a significant reduction in CO2 emissions. 

Social and environmental actions are decisive for the choices made regarding investments and subsidiary management. As a leader, the Group is fully aware that it must set an example and intends to fulfill this responsibility in the everyday decisions of each of its businesses.